Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Viking Tower

          Nick, Bryan, and myself had the fortunate foresight to go on a wild adventure today. While the first part involved crawling through a tunnel beneath the earth, the second part has pertinence here. The Norumbega Tower was built around 1987, on the supposed site of Norumbega, also known as Vinland, a supposed Viking (Norse) settlement in New England. This is the settlement supposedly started when the Norse sailed up the Charles and settled. Eben Horsford claimed he found the only site that this settlement could have existed in, and therefore that he had found the settlement of what was once supposedly 10,000 Norsemen. He of course, made this claim based on a few scattered rocks he discovered, and not the tons of rock structures that most likely would've been left behind. Given his fervor for the quest to locate the settlement, once "discovered" he built a tower on the location as a monument to the Vikings who sailed there in 1000 A.D. Despite this whole "discovery" being a big sham, the tower is still pretty neat, and the surrounding grounds look nice and flat from a top-of-the-tower vantage point.

          A large flat expanse? Next to a tower erected in honor of the hard-sailing Norse who crossed a vast sea to make settlements in a new land? The prospect is grand, the idea of playing knattleikr on this ground seems good and right. A proposition for the future: knattleikr at the base of the tower erected in the name of those Norse who touched this land before their culture manifested itself in the since-founded american imagination.

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