Thursday, October 18, 2007


I'm so very for this blog that I think I'm out pacing it. So before this turns into something as inward and absorbed as me taking a picture of myself taking a picture let's get to a point: Knattleikr in Winter...probably a thought that should be number one on our agenda. Playing in the snow and ice should be damn accurate and as fun as whupping on each other in the bitter cold can be. We'll just have to drink lots of handy stimulant to keep warm is all, plus that way when our thinned blood is let out on the snow it'll look fucking marvelous. Also, what about playing on a frozen lake, as might have also been done in the past? I'm for it, but my reckless and hearty stupidity isn't everyones. On the other hand, we're all dumb enough to be playing Knattleikr, especially while horrendously out of shape, so why the fuck not add another hazard to all of this? Just think of our game on the tidal bar as a prelude. We've played in the water--on sand--and now we can play on frozen water. Maybe we can even scrounge up some hoary kelp to have Matt brutally and joyfully whip Urso with. You know, make us all feel nostalgic. Imagine this two ways:

1) Snow will help pad falls, create more chaos, and spurn on your activity so you stay warm.


Remember, you have to die in combat to get to the halls of Valhalla. And getting there with all your pals at once will give you a feeling of solidarity.

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Awesome Sauce said...

I think that option #2 (which reads like a newspaper headline) is the more likely/more awesome one.

Which means I'm totally down for it.