Thursday, October 18, 2007

Possible Future Expansions

           Hey all. Unfortunately this Winter we will be losing Pat and Becky to Portland, Oregon. In addition Randy and Paul have made plans (as dubiously solid as plans that Randy is involved in ever are) to move there in the Spring. Given this efflux of almost half of the regular contenders, East Coast Knattleikr needs some new recruits. Yes, as they start forming a West Coast contingent, we'll be hard pressed to keep the numbers up.

          That being said, there is good news from the North. Jason Doo, our most recent new player suggests that he may try and get some Culinary School people involved in our great sport. Assuming this happens, not only will we get a boost in the upcoming months, but we may, before half our players leave, get to have a competitive Central MA/Clark vs. Culinary School game. Let's hope Odin helps us out with seeing this one through. Will post again soon with details of the next game, which may be a Sunday to accommodate Justin's working schedule (assuming it works for everyone else).

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Jotun One said...

Frostbeard brings up two great points: 1) A good match to be had and 2) A damper to good matches to come. Now is the time to recruit or step up to bat and get a stick.