Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Last Two Bouts

There have been two knattleikr bouts since the last posting. One occurred on Sunday, January 27 in Oakham. While we did not play on a frozen lake (there was a recent warming spell and the lake may not have held us), we did have an interesting game out on a field near on of the player's houses in Oakham. We followed up the game with some food, fellowship, and general fooling around. It was cold, snowy, and glorious. With an luck - and a little detective work - I should be able to find some photos from that event.
We also played on February 10 at Clark in Worcester. While the group was small, we got a good game in and even experienced some winter thunder claps during the game (a sign from Odin, perhaps?). We then went out to Monyhain's for some refreshment and then to Saigon Vietnamese for dinner. Good times all around.
As for the next bout, I will look into it and get the date, time, and location posted here.


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